Forget detoxing & save money

5 Jan

ITN News ~ For many people the start of January heralds a detox after weeks of festive fun, but a collection of scientists has now claimed the process is “meaningless” and many products don’t work.  
                                                                                                                                                         A number of manufacturers and retailers were asked about their detox products, including the Boots 5-Day Detox Plan and Garnier’s Clean Detox Anti-Dullness Foaming Gel.

The study said there was no single definition of “detox” and the word was being used to “promote everything from foot patches to hair straighteners”.

The report was complied by Voice of Young Science (VoYS), an organisation representing more than 300 PhD and post-doctorate students working in science, including physiologists, biochemists, doctors and pharmacists.

One of the authors, biologist Harriet Ball, said: “Our investigation into detox products has convinced us that there is little or no proof that these products work, except to part people from their cash and downplay all the amazing ways in which our bodies can look after themselves.”

The study comes soon after the British Dietetic Association, which represents 6,000 dieticians across Britain, said there was no “potion or lotion” which could “magically” rid the body of chemicals.

A spokeswoman for Boots said: “Boots recognises that people don’t drink enough water.  “The Boots 5-Day Detox Plan encourages people to drink water and includes a daily drink and tablet with ingredients that battle against toxins and help protect from the dangers of free radicals to leave you feeling revitalised and re-energised.”

A spokesman for Garnier, which makes the Clean Detox Anti-Dullness Foaming Gel, said: “Anti-Dullness Foaming Gel detoxifies the skin’s surface by removing impurities such as dirt and grime that accumulate over the course of the day. Its price is in line with other mass market foaming gels.

“All Garnier products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that our claims are accurate and noticeable by our consumers.”

Senior pathologist, Sir Colin Berry, said of the study: “It’s easy to detox; just let you body use the great systems it has evolved over thousands of years to get rid of whatever is harming you. But if it’s booze, drink less as well.”


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