How to exercise…when physically hurt or disabled

9 Jan

How to exercise…when physically hurt or disabled
~ My personal pain and need to find hope ~
by Mistress Curvalicious

Everyone knows that the optimum way of losing weight is through both diet AND exercise.  But what when you are in pain, disabled, unable to move like able bodied people?  Is it still possible to exercise to the point of benefitting weight loss?

I hope you haven’t come to this blog looking for this, and other answers, because I am afraid I cannot help you.   
According to, disability is a term for permanent disablement.  “After all we are all disabled to one degree or another. It is only at a certain level that the official title of “disabled” comes into play, usually when the disability is classified as permanent.” 

So, referring to my own situation, I’ve had chronic backpain since October 2006.  I’m not even sure exactly what is wrong with me.  The NHS system has let me down.  I wasn’t even taken seriously, never x~rayed, even smirked at by a certain male doctor when discussing a breast reduction, since he claimed my physical pain was due to the weight of my chest.  However, the NHS plastic surgeon informed me that 1.  I should have been initially sent to a back specialist (he ~ and I am now laughing because of his own unprofessionalism! ~ was even angry at this oversight of my GPs) ; and, 2.  The level of pain I was / and still am, to a degree, experiencing, is NOT usual for women with back trouble soley resulting from big boobs.  I could go more at length into this, but then I would be diverting from the subject of this particular blog.  

Mmmmmm, how long does one have to be disabled to be termed officially disabled?  For me, it’s been almost one and a half years.

My own disability remains a mystery: my private physiotherapist ~ although truly execellent at her job, and I am very grateful to her for helping me out of that wheelchair ~ is but ONE opinion of why I am hurting.  “You have one leg shorter than the other”.  I mean, I don’t even know, what triggered this chronic lower back pain, that eventually saw me, 8 months later being wheeled about in a chair.  Remember, I had no x~rays.  No back specialist due to the irresponsibility of a certain angry NHS male plastic surgeon apparently too busy 3 weeks later to even type a letter of referral, plus other so called doctors at the NHS. 

Such shoddy work…maybe these highly paid and highly prestiged professionals should pay a penalty?  

I know of one other person, a new friend, who had also been badly let down by the National Health Service.  They didn’t x~ray her back when she was in horrific pain.  Oh, she had to wait  8 months later until she eventually was x~rayed:  They knew she had been run over by a car… 

Whoops!  My blog is now turning into a rant against the NHS system.

I recently learned from another person, that when an NHS doctor DOES NOT REFER you to another specialist, he / she automatically saves themself in the region of £70.  Very ethical, right…?  NOoo.

“…a disability is usually termed as an injury, which will then require rehabilitation exercises to improve and repair.”   (  I can hope that this is what it is I have ~ an injury, that will over time, via exercise (in my case, simply walking half an hour each day), through the barrier of more pain, will improve.

In a nutshell, because of how our bodies are made, we need exercise for the various organs and muscles, anyway.  Regardless of exercising just to lose weight.

Whilst this article has a couple of good points, it still doesn’t help me in my quest of:  How to exercise when physically hurt of disabled?  Maybe I need to find myself a rehabilition therapist?  And since I am on limited money, am I able to actually find such a person through the NHS?  This is when I would really like to hear from those people (in the UK) who KNOW from their own experiences of getting into an exercise programme while injured or disabled.  Could YOU be one of them?  If so, I would love to hear from you.

Other than simple bending and doing pelvic exercises, and being told to walk “through the pain”  by my physiotherapist, isn’t there anything else I can do (to repair and loss weight)?  Some days I’ve walked (if that is what you can call it) too much that I am in so much pain I am tired and cannot be bothered to do anything.  

From recent all~day sittings in my business course, I am hurting more.  Lower back pain is increased so I have to take shorter steps, the back is too stiff and my knees begin to buckle.  The left hip where my “short” leg was pulled by the physio, has spasms of pain.  It’s painful sitting.  It’s painful lying.  It’s more painful “walking”, unbearable when I stand.   

I know I will gain some relief from a breast reduction.  But even then, the pain is still there.  There’s exercising for wheelchair uses (see the BBC article, the link is below) but do they experience much pain?  I suppose it varies from person to person.  Of course, feeling the pain is also important, as it is a signal of how things stand in your body.

For the past 18 months I have been in constant pain.  Some days I feel this is how I will always be.  There’s a walking stick in the back of the car for bad days, when I need something to lean on.  Knowing the stick is there gives me some confidence.  But…can anyone really help me? 



One Response to “How to exercise…when physically hurt or disabled”

  1. mistresscurvalicious January 22, 2009 at 12:17 am #

    Since I last wrote this blog, I’ve been in touch with my (helpful) NHS nurse who really listened to me and hurried along an x ray referral and gave me stronger pain relief medication. The x ray is in just under 2 weeks (the last appointment was cancelled) so I’m hoping to get some answers there. Friday morning, 16 January 2009, I saw my fantastic physio lady who had to pull my leg again…it had reverted back to the false position. But…2 days later while gently moving there was a loud crack sound, so I think my naughty leg has gone back to being “shorter” again!! 😦 I’ve got to phone her for advice and another appointment. p.s. At the time of writing this blog I was very angry, frustrated and depressed ~ I’m still frustrated and depressed about the chronic pain but Physio Lady said my posture has improved dramatically, so that’s a good sign! ~ Mistress Curvalicious

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