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The No. 1 TV series with Heart

29 Mar

This is by far the bestest thing tv has to offer at the moment ~ The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Full of heart, Botswana drama and fun. You’d be a fool to miss it!

Today, 21:00 on BBC One


Cup Caking…

29 Mar

sf_cupcakes_masclemcoffA new recipe ~ this time with mascorpone flavoured with coffee, and lightly flavoured lemon sponge, topped with cherries! ūüėõ

For all you Trekkies and John

28 Mar

Us funny Brits…

22 Mar

go abroad and expect to find the very same comforts of home there.¬† This article,¬†¬†made me chuckle this morning:¬† For happy reading, just make sure you remember to pack have a stack of your custard creams and ginger nuts nearby¬†ūüėČ

Fashion and Flowers

16 Mar

blacktshirt_yell_pink_fl_2I love the fashion trends this summer ~ floral print skirts and flower accessories, including for the hair. And the colours are bright and clashing and great fun. So this is what the downturn in the economy has done: inspired happy fashion ūüôā


Photos show: Black t shirt top from Marks & Spencers and flower and yellow bug decoration created by me.

A Royal Herbal Hype

11 Mar

This is something I care about: the non regulation of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) in the UK.

CAM is a broad and diverse term meaning anything from the basic Swedish massage to herbal based beauty treatments and products to homeopathy and so on…During my own experiences in looking for an alternate career in massage a few years ago, I have been scammed by so called CAM schools ~ and as there are no rigid UK laws in place pertaining to massage and aromatherapy, I lost my money.

In my passionate quest to become a massage therapist I found there was a certificate to be obtained from a one day course to more comprehensive learning over several weeks. One of these “professional bodies” was something someone just made up pretending to be an Internationally recognised theraputic body; another body, this same person had manipulated so people would think they were still a member of; one “massage school” ignored me for another chance of obtaining the one day massage certificate (although they said I could), and never sent me the certificate I had been told I’d receive for simple ear piercing; and one long distance learning school suddenly stopped marking and sending back my aromatherapy essays, despite phone calls and their apologies ~ I thought they had gone out of business, until last week, and 2 years later!, I received another letter asking me to spend yet more money with them so I can train as a teacher!

I am disgusted. Also let down by the Office of (so called) Fair Trading.

There seems to be a couple of main bodies for British CAM, the British Complementary Medicine Association, and, the British Holistic Medical Association. So my question is, if these 2 bodies are the main regulatory ones, what are we doing with all these so called others? And, WHY, are some of these so called bodies being allowed to continue trading when they are clearly robbing and lying to people? (I feel my stress levels rising, hand me the St John Wort).

* Sigh *

Back to the herbal detox story below… Despite what we’re being sold, the body has its own self detoxing system ~ “Our lungs, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and immune system are effective in removing or neutralising toxic substances within hours of consumption.” ( At the beginning of my blog, there is another Detox article which I found interesting.

So my thinking is ~ Why listen to the hype when your body with its sophisticated workings has been doing very well for years?

News Story by ITN

Professor Edzard Ernst branded the ¬£10 Duchy Herbals detox tincture “a dangerous waste of money” and said Charles was misleading people and ignoring science.

The academic, who is professor of complementary medicine at Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, said there was no evidence detox products worked and the Prince was exploiting “a gullible public in a time of financial hardship”.

The tincture is sold via the Duchy website, in selected Boots stores and in Waitrose.

The website says the tincture, which contains dandelion and artichoke, is “a food supplement to help eliminate toxins and aid digestion”.

It goes on: “Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture is made from extracts of artichoke and dandelion, cleansing and purifying herbs to help support the body’s natural elimination and detoxification processes, and help maintain healthy digestion.

Prof Ernst said the Royal brand should be renamed “Dodgy Originals”, adding: “The concept of these products is wrong and there is no evidence they work.

“The body has a powerful mechanism to deal with itself and there’s no evidence that dandelion or artichoke will improve these functions.

“If a patient has a diseased kidney and cannot eliminate toxins via their kidney, then they need serious medical help.

“Products like this are a dangerous waste of money. Charles is exploiting people during hard times.”

Andrew Baker, chief executive of Duchy Originals, said: “There is no quackery, no make
-believe and no superstition in any of the Duchy Originals herbal tinctures.

“We find it unfortunate that Professor Ernst should chase sensationalist headlines in this way rather than concentrating on accuracy and objectivity.”

I N T E R E S T I N G * L I N K S

Zombie Zeleb

8 Mar

zombiegbrownThe dead famous walk.