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A chair for Bubbles

29 Apr


I have found just the perfect chair for Bubbles to put in his shed…



Over 16’s only / swearing!!

The Healing Power of Colour

28 Apr

Art & colour as therapy
by Faith,

Colour and us

Whether due to personal experiences, cultural conditioning or the vibrations of the colour itself, there is no doubt that colour really does effect us in a psychologoical way.colourful_threads

Each colour possesses a distinct vibration which vibrates at its own rate, corresponding with the body’s inner vibrations. The various parts of the body react to different colours.

In times of stress or illness we can be drawn to certain colours to balance us – blue for its calming quality; yellow for hope; red for energy – and so on.

Once you have gained knowledge of how colours have an effect on us, you can then consciously use them for their healing benefits.

A couple of years ago, at a personal time of loss and bereavement and a physical problem that left me with chronic pain and immobile, I automatically turned to orange. This was a very frightening and low time for me. I coloured my hair auburn, wore coral orange lipstick, wore orange skirts and accessories. I needed the healing strength of orange.

A year later, I turned to yellow. The sense of loss was still there, but I was finding things a little easier; I was living my life in another direction and able to walk more again. Yellow sharpens your thoughts, boosts low self esteem, rids the body of toxins. Yellow made me feel alive; gave me hope, lifted my aching soul.

Now I am attracted to more green again – green, my lifelong friend – as well as the yellow, with glimpses of turquoise. Green is accepting oneself; is prosperous; is clarity and understanding; has the ability to restore stability.

Have you ever wondered why a walk in green fields or woods has a calming effect?

Wear turquoise jewellery for a broken heart. Turquoise soothes and encourages introspection – Why do I feel this way? Where do I go from here? Turquoise is ideal for emotional trauma.

Decorate the rooms of your house – and office – in colours corresponding to the nature of the room. Blue, lilac, soft green for a restful bedroom. Flashes of red to spark zest in the office. Yellow for a sunny uplifting, otherwise dark hallway.

I found this little book insightful on the use and effects of colour –
Colour Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds ISBN 1-84081-477-2
however there are also other good colour books about!

Art in three UK hospitals – a 5 minute video

Not quite a BookWorm…

27 Apr

I found this news article too adorable not to post!

A Kent library has been visited almost every day for two years by its own “puss in books”, the council has said.


Fidel, an eight-year-old black cat, turns up at Deal library almost every day while his owners are at work.

He spends the day on his favourite blue chair, only leaving the building when he sees his owners arriving home.

Staff say they have never tried to encourage Fidel with food and even used to put him outside when he first began to visit them, but he always came back.

‘Art critic’

Heather Hilton, district manager for Deal Library, said: “Fidel certainly seems to like coming here and he’s very popular with our customers.

“I think he’s a bit of an art critic too because we sometimes see him examining the pictures on the gallery wall,” she added.

A spokeswoman for Kent County Council which runs the library said Fidel was such a “dedicated customer” that he sometimes arrived before staff and could be found waiting at the front door.

Fidel is a rescue cat, whose owners chose him from a local sanctuary after he was found abandoned in a flat in Deal.

by the BBC

How to make: a pin box / cushion

26 Apr
b19I had an empty moisturiser jar and wondered what to do with it. It was too nice to just throw out. So I got out my fabrics and ribbons and after a couple of hours I’d made a pin box / cushion in one! (See photo).

If you would like to have a go at this craft project, just follow the photos I’ve taken at each step together with some written instructions.


For the jar

First you need an empty and clean moisturiser jar with the sticky labels removed.

You can choose matching or clashing fabrics for the bottom and lid of the jar. Cut a strip of fabric to size to wrap round the jar.

Choose an appropriate crafting glue – I used Pritt Stick; smear glue round the outside of the jar and wrap the fabric strip round, pressing firmly down to fix.

It should look like this 😉

Next you want to sort out the lid.  With the fabric chosen for the lid, turn it upside down and draw round the lid.  Cut out the circle and glue to the top of the lid.  * Tip *  You might need to trim a little excess off round the circle so the fabric sits within the lid.



So it looks like this 🙂

Choose a ribbon – measure how much you need by winding it round the rim of the lid.

Glue it down so it looks like this…

So far the jar and lid ought to look like this.  * Tip * If you fancied having just a little box without the pin cushion top, you could add a bow to the top of the lid for a nice finish.

For the pin cushion

I found for my jar which measured 2 and a quarter inches across the lid, I needed quite a large piece of fabric for the pin cushion – so I drew round a cake plate on the reverse of the fabric.

After cutting out this large circle I sewed with a long running stitch (large stitches so they can be bunched up) half an inch from the edge.

It should look like this, preferably without the creases! * blush *

Carefully, without breaking the sewing thread (as I did) pull the thread so the fabric bunches up into a kind of ball; then, with some kind of filling (I used white fluffy stuff used for stuffing teddy bears etc) fill the bunched up fabric. You will need copious amounts for a nice big firm cushion remember!

…to look something like this.

Sew up the gap to tidy it up.

The jar is perfect for keeping pins and thimble!

On card, cut out a small circle, one and a half inches across. This next bit is a bit tricky, but it can be done!: Sew the card circle over the gap seams to afix to the pin cushion.

I then used a strong glue (super glue) to fix the pin cushion to the jar lid.For embellishment, I added a bow in the same pink gingham fabric as that used for the jar 🙂b191

Spring springing

25 Apr

April flowers I photographed from East Ruston Vicarage…

I love these pretty little purple balls.

White is so refreshing and these little beauties are pretty and dainty.

The ever cheerful daffodil. I can’t believe how many varieties there are.

I love these big petalled flowers, they remind me of roses. I forget the name of them.

Embroided chihuahua

22 Apr


I recently decorated a simple glasses case I made recently – with an embroided sunglasses wearing chi! Hehe 😀


And what was my inspiration?


…My very own Miss Chihuahua, Sugar! 😉

I wish I could knit…

20 Apr



Teddies knitted for charity by Mo 2009