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The danger of Dogs eating chocolate

3 Apr

A few weeks ago I met the Reverend’s new rescue dog, an adorable terrier, that, I was told, had recently narrowly missed death from a chocolate binge. (He’d devoured the chocolate contents of a rucksack). Today I read a similar story (see below) which only stresses the warning to all dog owners: not to feed your dog chocolate – or, to leave chocolate within reach of your dog. Maybe you don’t have a furry-4-legged-friend yourself, but please pass on this message to any dog owners you may know :)ch0109 My Jack Russell pup, Chester!

A dog narrowly avoided death after eating more than 20 chocolate cupcakes.

Polly, a one-year-old Patterdale terrier from Southampton, ate the cakes after being accidentally locked in the family’s kitchen by her owners.

Owner Yvonne Taylor found the canine surrounded by chocolate wrappers and, knowing of the dangers of cocoa poisoning, contacted vets.

The greedy canine has since made a full recovery after treatment at an animal hospital in Southampton.

‘Extra mile’

Ms Taylor said: “I remember reading that cocoa could be poisonous to pets, and having used quite a lot in the cakes, I was concerned for her.

“The PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) vets were brilliant and went that extra mile to save Polly.

“They gave her an injection to induce vomiting and then proceeded to wash out her stomach under a general anaesthetic.”

A PDSA spokesman, said: “Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate, but it is a time when pets are at increased risk from potentially fatal chocolate poisoning.

“Luckily, Polly pulled through and survived. The amount of chocolate she ate could have killed her had her owner not recognised the danger and contacted PDSA so swiftly.”

“Why does he have to shout?”

3 Apr

During a photoshoot of the world’s leaders, the Queen was clearly not amused – and rightly so – by the Italien PM’s shouting of Mr Obama’s name.

Mr Berlusconi has a history of rudeness – by calling the American president “suntanned”, by saying to the German MEP Martin Schulz he would make a perfect “concentration camp guard” in an upcoming film, by offending the Chinese by joking about “children who were used as field fertilizer” during the Mao reign of terror, amongst other jibes and jokes in poor taste. What an embarressment to have a politician such as this to represent your country.–Berlusconi-annoys-Queen-G20-photoshoot.html