“Why does he have to shout?”

3 Apr

During a photoshoot of the world’s leaders, the Queen was clearly not amused – and rightly so – by the Italien PM’s shouting of Mr Obama’s name.

Mr Berlusconi has a history of rudeness – by calling the American president “suntanned”, by saying to the German MEP Martin Schulz he would make a perfect “concentration camp guard” in an upcoming film, by offending the Chinese by joking about “children who were used as field fertilizer” during the Mao reign of terror, amongst other jibes and jokes in poor taste. What an embarressment to have a politician such as this to represent your country.



One Response to ““Why does he have to shout?””

  1. John Vasiliou April 3, 2009 at 1:34 pm #

    Well he might not get reelected after this.

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