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The Healing Power of Colour

28 Apr

Art & colour as therapy
by Faith,

Colour and us

Whether due to personal experiences, cultural conditioning or the vibrations of the colour itself, there is no doubt that colour really does effect us in a psychologoical way.colourful_threads

Each colour possesses a distinct vibration which vibrates at its own rate, corresponding with the body’s inner vibrations. The various parts of the body react to different colours.

In times of stress or illness we can be drawn to certain colours to balance us – blue for its calming quality; yellow for hope; red for energy – and so on.

Once you have gained knowledge of how colours have an effect on us, you can then consciously use them for their healing benefits.

A couple of years ago, at a personal time of loss and bereavement and a physical problem that left me with chronic pain and immobile, I automatically turned to orange. This was a very frightening and low time for me. I coloured my hair auburn, wore coral orange lipstick, wore orange skirts and accessories. I needed the healing strength of orange.

A year later, I turned to yellow. The sense of loss was still there, but I was finding things a little easier; I was living my life in another direction and able to walk more again. Yellow sharpens your thoughts, boosts low self esteem, rids the body of toxins. Yellow made me feel alive; gave me hope, lifted my aching soul.

Now I am attracted to more green again – green, my lifelong friend – as well as the yellow, with glimpses of turquoise. Green is accepting oneself; is prosperous; is clarity and understanding; has the ability to restore stability.

Have you ever wondered why a walk in green fields or woods has a calming effect?

Wear turquoise jewellery for a broken heart. Turquoise soothes and encourages introspection – Why do I feel this way? Where do I go from here? Turquoise is ideal for emotional trauma.

Decorate the rooms of your house – and office – in colours corresponding to the nature of the room. Blue, lilac, soft green for a restful bedroom. Flashes of red to spark zest in the office. Yellow for a sunny uplifting, otherwise dark hallway.

I found this little book insightful on the use and effects of colour –
Colour Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds ISBN 1-84081-477-2
however there are also other good colour books about!

Art in three UK hospitals – a 5 minute video