A torty for Cathy

16 Oct





Well not really a craft swap this time – – – rather a tortoise swap.

Cathy and me mothers of 4 year old Hermann tortoises (they’re sisters…George became Georgina after her true sexual identity was discovered).  Thank goodness I named mine a female name, Daisy Elizabeth, or Daisy E for short and didn’t get it wrong.

This is the small torty I made for Cathy. Made from scraps of material discovered from the deep dark bowels of the craft room (a plastic carrier bag filled with a fabric stash, probably from the 80’s) during a clearout.   Particularly love the chocolate and blue floral patterned fabric that makes up the carapace or shell.

I suppose he could become a handy pin cushion since my friend has taken up x stitching again.

I look much forward to Cathy’s torty….. 🙂


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