Tortoise Swap: Cathy’s Torty

24 Oct


Had such a nice day making things out of the modelling clay, Fimo, with Cathy. Made colourful things – – – squiggly pendants, flowers and, er, tortoises.

Today was the Tortoise Swap…so I took a photo of Cathy with the tortoise I made her. No pics of me since my hair was still wet from being washed! But there’s a couple of photos of the torty my friend made me…..

Star jumping torty!

Star jumping torty!

Cathy Torty with big gold eyes

Cathy Torty with big gold eyes


2 Responses to “Tortoise Swap: Cathy’s Torty”

  1. Elaine Rainbird October 25, 2009 at 3:39 pm #

    Ha ha, I just love that star jumping Torty. Sounds like you and Cathy had lots of fun. I saw what I thought was a REAL tortoise in local garden centre last week, it was SO REALISTIC!! but on closer inspection of course it was a replica – but brilliant all the same. I did think of getting it to accompany my pottery ones in the garden, but I think he was a different ‘species’ so decided to leave him where he was. He, and I’m sure it was a he!, was the size of say a flattened football, but half puffed up, if you get my drift!! Perhaps I’ll try and take a pic if he’s still there next time I go, camera permitting – its playing silly wotsits again at the moment. I’ve just been downloading some free toy patterns, so watch out Torty you may have some company soon. luv elaine.

  2. Curvalicious October 25, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Hiya Elaine ūüôā
    He is funny and cute, the star jumping torty that is lol.
    Sorry to hear your camera is playing up again.
    Parents got me a smiliar garden ornament tortoise – – – yes, they really look like the real thing!
    Your crochet torty is hanging in my car ūüôā
    I’m looking very much forward to seeing your soft toys.
    Take care Elaine – – – Luv Steff xx

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