Soft Toys To Sew

19 Jan

Soft Toys To Sew – – – A Book Review

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This soft toy making book by Sheila McGraw arrived in next to no time, excellent delivery from this particular seller.  And this bumper softback book is a definite pleasure to look through, jam packed full of many toys – photos, step-by-step project instructions with illustrated pictures, and pattern templates that need enlarging on a photocopier. 

Projects include Easy Creatures; Kissy Fishy (big lips!); Party Animal; Caterpillar; Teddy; Monster; P.J.Birdy; Buzzard; Lazy Dog; Super Pig; Firefly; Crocodile.

There is useful advice on pattern layout; cutting; sewing; care – regarding working with all kinds of fabric: plush, stretch velour, stretch fleece and textured nylon.  How to make eyes, noses, and all about fillings.

Children of all ages need the comfort of an enduring and ever present love-object.  Psychologists and educators tell us that children need to nurture as well as to be nurtured.  Encouraging tenderness and affection in a child is now recognized as a prerequisite to bringing up healthy, independent, well-adjusted adults.  In other words, everyone needs to act out their tender side; everyone needs their hugs.  And everyone loves to hug a soft toy. – Sheila McGraw

Yep, “everyone loves to hug a soft toy”, even us adults 🙂

 You can check out other reviews on this book here.


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