Endo Milk

24 Jan

I never realised you could make milk from nuts, as some people – such as myself – with endometriosis know, we are supposed to avoid diary and soya as they encourage the growth of endo and increase the pain levels.

(Regarding endo, diary products and non-fermented soya trigger the production of estrogen which encourages this disease.  There are, of course, other reasons for limiting or not wanting to take diary and soya products).

A good endo diet explained.

A friend sent me this online article on Soya, written by Patrick Quanten, a former GP now practising, licensed, in the holistic therapies.  What are your thoughts on soya?    

The thing is, what if you (especially those of us with endo, facing a limited diet) have a nut allergy?  What then?  I suppose all kinds of milk (diary/soya/nut) would then have to be completely, ideally, cut out from your diet.  And according to my “Endo Bible” – Living Well With Endometriosis by Kerry-Ann Morris (founder of the Unveiling Endometriosis Project) – many with endo do have allergies. 

I’ve various allergies (confirmed and pinpointed by tests done whilst living in Germany), and it seems a certain nut is one of them (I forget which nut/s I was then allergic to).  Today the reason I cannot specify which nut, is because I was eating from a mixed bag at the time!  Of course you have to bear in mind that some allergies come and go. In my case, I suspect my nut allergy could be almonds, and if it is, then almond milk is out of the question, however the herbalist, Brigitte Mars, advises (see video, below) that nut milk can be made from other nuts too (pine,walnuts).

If  you are wondering about your own diet and food intolerances – and are able to access these resources – I would suggest seeing your GP who may test you, a dietitian and a respected qualified herbalist who is able to treat you as a “whole” person, who being trained will safely incorporate herbal medicine with any precription drugs you may be taking.  Empower yourself, work together with good health professionals; read various viewpoints with regard to the source (Who is the author?  What qualifications / experiences warrant their advice?)  Not happy with your current health professional – change them.  This is your body, your health, your life, you deserve to get the best treatment.  

A word of caution – Whereas herbal drugs are truly fantastic there is a false assumption that they are “safe”…there are people who do not give thought to any side effects, and whether the herbs may interact badly with their condition or precription drugs.  Unfortunately and dangerously, the world of CAM (complementary and alternate medicine) is still loosely regulated, so make sure you get a good qualified practitioner by checking web sites relevant to your country, such as the British Herbal Medicine Association ; the BHMA also provide other useful web site links

Clicking this link will take you to the written nut milk recipe, this video and accompanying article.

Do you make your own nut milk?  If so, I would love to hear from you.


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