In Loving Memory of My Dad

3 May

My Dad

2 months ago my dad suddenly passed on.  Despite poor health towards the end, he led an active life as a local Methodist preacher, went to various social groups and had so many hobbies and projects round the house he couldn’t keep up with them!  What I won’t forget about him is his Wonderment of life  and how he was determined all those years ago to build a small business so his family would have a better life.  I miss showing him anything I make now, as he loved the textile toys I created and ate a lot of the dinners and cakes I cooked and baked!  And for someone who was mainly self-schooled he was very interesting to talk with…just wish you had made more time for more conversations.  You are very much missed.  RIP Daddils.

If your parents are still alive, appreciate them…because it’s the people in your life who are the most important – not things.

Photos below of the Valentine’s Meal we shared.

Valentines' Meal - Baked chicken drumsticks in honey with a BIG salad!


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