Owls are Pink

13 May

I keep seeing owls everywhere: soft toys, textile / paper prints, the internet…it seems everyone loves owls. 

Pink Felt Owl by Stephanie Faith, May 2010

I made this one in pink felt to make my mum smile.  I shall be including the pattern (owl soft toy template) in the next few days, so you can make him too 😉

I suggest using felt too as he stands – unaided – quite well with this thickish, stiffish fabric.  There is an extra “panel” in the base to enable standing.  I recycled old brown buttons for his eyes and used pink, gold and grey coloured embroidery threads to complement and contrast with the different coloured felts.

I’m thinking of making a complete owl family and a tree stump for them to sit on!

Don’t forget to check back soon for the template 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – –


– – – – – – – – – – – –

Here are the 2 links for the template.  Copy and save to your computer to print out.  Enjoy – – – it was a hoot! 😉




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