Fairy Flowers

2 Jun

My little patio garden. 

(Not a real flower this one).

The Fairy Flowers do have proper names, I’ll just have to check their tickets to tell you…

Others include a Japanese Maple tree, wild strawberry plant, marigolds, herbs: lemon thyme, lavender and chives.  Also a lemon something type of plant that my friend Joy sent me – what’s this one called again?  The last tub is a Tortoise Garden, everything that my Hermann tortoise, Daisy E can eat :p  I ought to sow her dandelion and prickly pear cactus seeds too…

Daisy E


2 Responses to “Fairy Flowers”

  1. Elaine June 2, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    What fabulous flowers in your patio garden. Those gorgeous ‘fairy flowers’, Aquiligea/ Columbine and the contrasting foliage of the others make a stunning show. You’ll be at the Chelsea Flower Show before long – seriously, those colour combos are just great.

    • Curvalicious June 3, 2010 at 11:37 am #

      I was really surprised when the Aquiligea produced a *yellow* flower! – thought it was going to be purple like the other ones, especially since it began purple. It seems flowers like to shock too, hehe. As for colour combo, there is a lot of purple going on…the chives will produce purple flowers and of course, so will the lavender, but in a softer hue. I believe the lemon thyme will develop lilac / purple coloured flowers too…

      As for the Chelsea Flower Show (have you been?), I’ve always wanted to go there – there and Cornwall’s Eden Garden. On a smaller scale, though no lesser quality!, the Old Vicarage Gardens at East Ruston in Norfolk are beautiful…imaginative and charming in an old style English way http://www.e-ruston-oldvicaragegardens.co.uk/

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