On the Wroxham to Aylsham

13 Jun

A Steam Train Journey

This week we took a nostalgic trip on a steam train. The Bure Valley Railway (BVR) is on a smaller scale since this little gem, Spitfire, along with 4 other steam and 3 diesel trains runs on a narrow gauge railway of just 1 ft and 3 inches.  You can read about the history of the BVR by clicking on either the Wikipedia or the official web site links.



Cushioned by my, er, cushion, I thoroughly enjoyed the jaunty 9 mile journey from Wroxham to Aylsham (both are small towns in Norfolk, England) and liked the fact that one way took us 50 minutes – it would have been disappointing had the trip been over in 5 minutes.  With cushion I settled myself on the red cushioned seat and stared out of the window.  A few times I rolled the window down to enjoy – along with the whiff of steam! –  the scenery better.  Enjoy the photos I took that day 😉

The Train Driver was nice enough to pose for a photo 🙂

And I got to look inside the driving compartment…

There are 2 round windows for the driver to look out of – here’s one…

The Train Station at Aylsham

Old Air Raid Shelter from WW2

Spitfire, the steam train we travelled on

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010


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