29 Jun

Hello dear reader 🙂

As you may have noticed things have been a little quiet around the Curvalicious parts (hehe), this has been mainly due to working on a rather complex project, which I realistically think will take months to complete.  Possibly a year.  Other than saying that this work is creative and very close to my heart, I’m not saying anything more as I want to surprise you later * –>although of course, a couple of people do know what I’m doing already, so it’s not quite as Mysterious as I’d like it to be 😉

Feeling a little sad as my dressmaking course of one year comes to a close this week, I will be missing everyone…and the learning too.  I hope the friendships forged there won’t end there 🙂

In the autumn I’m almost definitely (chronic pain allowing!) embarking on a BTEC in Fashion And Textile Design.  I am wetting myself with excitement (don’t worry I am not wearing designer knickers).  I never realised I could be that addicted to fabric and fred thread! :p  I am living my life in reverse# and being an artist it is therefore allowable to be this chaotic 😉 

This month, Miss Sugar Chi (who loves my tea) had to see the animal doctor – he wasn’t Mr Dolittle – maybe a leprechaun? – who orchestrated an Undignified Moment probing bottom parts in the quest to see what is (literally) up.  Poor Baby…hate seeing any of my pets ill.  Sugar is doing much better now after 2 courses of antibiotics, and at present I am just keeping a watchful eye on her.

Pertaining to Blog, I won’t say I won’t be adding any new content in the coming months, because knowing me, despite the Big Mysterious Project, I will get an itch to do something relaxing like making a soft toy frog of which I will be desperate to share with you.  It’s just that I won’t be posting as often as before, but blog, I absolutely will.  I promise.

Felt Circus Elephant by Stephanie Faith 2009

Felt Circus Elephant by Stephanie Faith 2009

Recent days (when not working on the computer) are spent on the sunny patio amongst my potted garden and various dogs, writing, reading, learning, conversing…  Health investigations are still ongoing but I try not to dwell on that.      

And, every day I think of my Dad and miss him so much.  People are the most precious of all in life, not things.

Have an enjoyable summer (with many barbeques!)

Stephanie Faith


* …and also, I don’t want to look like a big noodle if my attempts fail!

# worked a full time job in the family printing business at 15 to 19; left for Germany at 20 and ended up living there for over a decade in total; married at 21 with 2 stepchildren half my age – working stepmother too! – divorced at 25; jobbed as nanny, toilet cleaner, bar maid, graphic artist, English teacher and translator…blah blah blah; since 3 years I’ve been discovering the naughty inner child that loves to play and create…and ironically my poor health had greatly triggered all that output; but it hasn’t all been play (and pain), since 2005 I’ve been on various business courses and acquired a Burger Bar (small towable unit) which is left in limbo due to my health probs.   

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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