Bubbles The Frog, dog toy

24 Jul

Meet Bubbles – no, not that one from Trailer Park Boys!

 – Bubbles The Frog, a soft toy I made for my Jack Russell, Chester Pup. She loves carrying him about already. Jack Russells are such playful dogs.

Bubbles The Frog

Named Bubbles because 1) he has googly eyes just like the one from TPB, and, 2) the name is just too good not to use.

This toy frog is made from a recycled top, with polyester stuffing, felt for googly eyes, and a textile pen for defining the shape and mouth. This easy-to-make Bubbles The Frog soft toy pattern with simple to follow instructions can by purchased (to cover postage costs, including international) through my blog –

It seems WordPress doesn’t allow html coding and therefore I cannot place a BUY IT NOW button for my Paypal accounthowever you CAN still pay with this method by sending your Paypal payment to my Paypal email thelittlelogcabin @ mailpuppy.com 😉 – just remember to close the spaces before and after the @ . If I didn’t do this I would get even more spam, and who wants that?!

Payment is just £3 to cover postage and photocopying costs, for international too. For a currency converter just click HERE.

Make with all kinds of fabric (patterns are interesting) however felt is great for eyes. Don’t use buttons for children under 3 or for pets because of the possible choking hazard. Scale down for a cat size toy.

Chester Pup

£££ Save money and make your own! $$$

Pay safely via Paypal and receive a photocopy of the full sized pattern and easy-to-follow instructions. International orders welcome! 🙂



*~….. Dogs love teddy bears too! :p …..~*



One Response to “Bubbles The Frog, dog toy”

  1. John Vasiliou July 24, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    Froggies are so nice

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