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Jane Russell

2 Mar
Jane Russell in later life, still a beautiful woman

Jane Russell in later life, still a beautiful woman

Another iconic Hollywood Legend has passed away.

Jane Russell died on Monday (28th February 2011), she was 89.  Much remembered and loved as the Brunette in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, along with Marilyn Monroe – who naturally played the ‘Blonde’.  In fact during the making of this movie, the two stars became friends.

Never being fully appreciated at the time for her acting skills, she was a talented comedienne who was better known as the busty sex siren from her days in the The Outlaw film, in which she made her debut.

Jane Russell in The Outlaw

Jane Russell in The Outlaw

RIP Jane Russell.


L i n k s (Jane Russell on the IMDB database) (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)


2011 Stephanie Faith

Just for us…

24 Dec

The Girls are back!

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: A Magical Movie

8 Dec

Oh, I really want to see this!!

DC Comics for sale

31 Oct

Christmas is nearing and maybe you have a Superman or Batman fan in your family…my fiance is selling his entire collection (almost 1000 DC comics)
Some are on ebay auctions, some via his blog (click on the link for more info).
Comics are in perfect condition and shipped to most countries from Canada. More comics for sale will be added to his blog, so keep checking back 🙂

A chair for Bubbles

29 Apr


I have found just the perfect chair for Bubbles to put in his shed…



Over 16’s only / swearing!!

Gok is back! :D

13 Apr

Channel 4 8 pm – Gok’s Fashion Fix
Tuesday 14 April 2009

gw2“Gok returns with a timely new show helping women make the most of less and offering antidotes to excessive shopping. In tonight’s show, Gok meets Dawn from Penzance.”

I am so happy that Gok is back on our tv screens – UK Ladies, don’t miss this one tomorrow night!


4 Apr

Bruno trailer released! ( 18 )

(Yahoo Movies review) ~ Bruno is released in July this year as the follow up to Sacha Baron Cohen’s huge 2006 hit, ‘Borat’. The over 18 only trailer has launched onto the web, and it shows Cohen up to his old tricks of fooling the American public.


I can’t stop laughing 😀
Definitely going to watch this one!

Video for over 18’s!