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A picture tells a 1000 words

13 Mar

I couldn’t stop laughing at this photo on my beetle-friend’s web site.¬† He had the caption underneath it saying that men – worldwide! – are always working hard to satisfy the woman in their lives.

Here it is –

Thank you Petr :)

Thank you Petr ūüôā




2011 Stephanie Faith

Biscuit Henge

6 Nov

I laughed myself silly over this.  And I never knew babies could be so ugly.  Why not check out some arts + crafts at the Faatchi Gallery?

Haha! ūüėÄ


An Interesting Related Link (without a big head) ~

~ Stephanie Faith

Just for us…

24 Dec

The Girls are back!

Be careful of foreign orange crates

11 Nov

You hear these terrifying stories of giant spiders being found in imported oranges and bananas. You can’t be too careful…



30 Sep

Halloween Cards – – –