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Felt Purses for sale

9 Jan

At the moment I have these 2 felt coin purses – made by me – listed in The Little Log Cabin shop at ebay.

Owl Coin Purse #3 by Stephanie Faith - for sale

Owl Coin Purse #3 by Stephanie Faith - for sale

Scotty Dog Coin Purse by Stephanie Faith - for sale

Scotty Dog Coin Purse by Stephanie Faith - for sale

To view the purses individually, click on their picture (links). Or, to view what is listed in The Little Log Cabin ebay shop, click * HERE *

Each purse is handmade with high quality materials (felt, embroidery threads, cotton fabric) and is one of a kind.  No 2 are the same.  These are only occasionally listed – so if you’re interested get your bid in early!  25% of the final sale goes to my fave local charity, EACH (East Anglia Children’s Hospice), so you’ll be helping children too. 


Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010


This Little Dinosaur

13 Dec

is making his way to a certain little Canadian girl.  Flying across the pond to the Land of Ice and Snow.

Baby Triceratops is also available to order through the Sewing Toys shop.  This soft toy is created and made by me, using safe materials and a lovely soft faux pink ‘cow print’ fur. 

I hope my 5 year old niece loves him!

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Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

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Biscuit Henge

6 Nov

I laughed myself silly over this.  And I never knew babies could be so ugly.  Why not check out some arts + crafts at the Faatchi Gallery?

Haha! 😀


An Interesting Related Link (without a big head) ~

~ Stephanie Faith

Have YOU lost your teddy bear?

30 Jul

Somewhere, someone is really missing their much-loved “teddy bear”.

Is this your cat?

Is this your cat?

Thorpeness, Suffolk, England  After he was found sitting alone by himself at the end of the day – clearly having happily gorged on ice cream – the forgotten thread-bare cat toy was handed in by a customer to the cafe owner, Mrs Liz Everett.  In the effort to track down the bear’s owner – do you perhaps know the child? – she has set up a Facebook group.

This article in the Daily Mail made me smile, I thought how nice of that woman to try and find the child who had lost his bear.  I do hope Bear and Child are reunited soon.

Photographs + article: 

Do you recognise Meare Kat? If you have information that could help reunite him with his owner, contact the Daily Mail newsdesk on 020 7938 6000.

Bunny Love

1 Jan

Made these Loved Up Buns – – –

Soft toy bunny rabbits for sale @ The Little Log Cabin


Available separatetly for sale – – –

Pink Heart Bunny
Blue Heart Bunny

Sea Trio

23 Dec

Made these soft toys (or softies) this week…Octopuss with coloured ribbon tentacles, Seahorse and Starfish both with orange polka dot fabric. Each Sea Creature has embroided features, such as hearts and spots, and hand drawn faces. Filled with safe commercial toy stuffing.
Perfect for babies as there are no buttons.
For sale in The Little Log Cabin shop at Etsy.

To The Little Log Cabin shop.

Sea Creatures for sale

11 Dec

I bet you never knew that these creatures lived at the bottom of the sea…?

Sea Creatures @ The Little Log Cabin

Colourful and cheerful sea creature pendants or charms for sale at The Little Log Cabin.

For sale at The Little Log Cabin

Turtle, Starfish, Fish and Anemone.  Maritimer Charms to add cheerful colour to your life!

Hang them from your mobile phone or cell, handbag or purse; from a cord as a necklace; on a charm bracelet; or decorate your pincushion; or group on your windowsill or desk.

To the Bottom of The Sea…   😉