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Designer Egg Cosys

21 Mar

*Romantic* Egg Cosys

Right now, I have listed on ebay, through The Little Log Cabin shop, a set of 2 x pretty egg cosys – hand sewn, hand embroided, designed and created by me.

Romantic Egg Cosys by Stephanie Faith.  UK buyers, free postage + packing.  Outside the UK, please enquire.

Romantic Egg Cosys by Stephanie Faith. UK buyers, free postage + packing. Outside the UK, please enquire.

Other colourways coming soon.  Not mass produced – each cosy is lovingly handmade.  Made from only good quality materials, including genuine vintage lace.  For sale now.

Once these are gone, they are gone.  Each set of 2 x egg cosys has a different colourway.

Have a look @ this listing now –


Copyright 2011 Stephanie Faith

This Little Dinosaur

13 Dec

is making his way to a certain little Canadian girl.  Flying across the pond to the Land of Ice and Snow.

Baby Triceratops is also available to order through the Sewing Toys shop.  This soft toy is created and made by me, using safe materials and a lovely soft faux pink ‘cow print’ fur. 

I hope my 5 year old niece loves him!

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Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

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18 Nov

Your Craft Requests – – –
Free Bi-monthly craft projects + ideas!

Well, I know that there are certainly a few people reading my blog now, and apart from wanting to hear from you – it’d be so nice if you took a moment to comment on a post you found interesting; or, told me about how it went for you with the  free-bie I gave you 🙂 – I thought it might be interesting to have a bi-monthly craft request.

This Request will commence during the first week of December – and then if that is a success: February; April; June – and so on.

The Request can either be:

  • a pattern / project for a soft toy
  • a x stitch chart; or
  • another kind of textile art idea (pattern / project / template etc.)

 Please send your request with CURVALICOUS REQUEST in the subject line of your email.

contact @

contact @

My email address is above (please remember to remove the spaces before and after @ – this is a spam reducing method). 

Please don’t forget to include your name (real or nickname); where you are (city,country); maybe, also: a photo of yourself and / or of a craft project you’ve made – and a little bit about you (your hobby, likes, current project, lifestyle, blog…anything you feel comfortable with).

Themes can be:

  • animals or pets (exotics welcomed!)
  • flowers or plants (nature related)
  • anything family friendly
  • to mark a special occassion (birthday, wedding, funeral etc.)

So, put your thinking caps on and send me your requests (one per person) – and during the first week in December I will announce what the craft project will be, together with who had the idea – and  I will try my best to make something nice for you 🙂

Kind regards – – –

Stephanie Faith

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

Bug Eyed for Banana Bread

14 Nov

What do you think of my latest beetle creation?

He has big bug eyes, delicate feelers (antenae!), golden, bendy pipe cleaner legs, a green felt body embellished with a heart and a sweet smile. Who couldn’t love him? 🙂

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

Fabric: 1950s please

12 Nov

My new vintage curtains depicting a lighthearted medieval scene

Oh, do I love fabric,

especially the kind that has either a fun and colourful design from both the 1950s’ era, and today (most probably inspired from the ’50s!); and, also I love Art Nouveau, (then, a close 2nd) Art Deco prints.  (The 1930s are known for their bright and cheerful colours too).

I couldn’t resist these adorable curtains (above photo) which feature houses, castles, knights riding horses over bridges, ships on open seas and windmills………, could this be Dutch?

Above and below: photographs of other vintage ’50s / ’60s textiles (I didn’t buy, sadly). 

Leaves are always a great subject.

Mexican guitars…birds and boats.

Strange looking folk.  But weirdly cute.

And, we never tire of flowers.

I love the stories that some fabrics vividly tell.

Do you like any of these?  🙂

Copyright, written by Stephanie Faith 2010