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Craft Swap: A Bag for Trish

20 Oct

Have you seen the cute knitted creatures Trish made in an earlier blog post?  Well, this is my Craft Swap: A Cat Knitting Bag for Trish.

It was such good fun making it.  She wanted bright colours and said she likes cats – – – she does have a real cat called Pickles.


I’ve just now wrapped up the bag ready to post and I’m missing it already.  Won’t publish this blog till Trish receives the Cat bag.





Scotty Dog

19 Oct

Made this in one evening and the following day – – – a Scotty Dog made from floral fabric and shiny black Onyx beads for eyes. Satin stitched his nose in dark blue.



A torty for Cathy

16 Oct





Well not really a craft swap this time – – – rather a tortoise swap.

Cathy and me mothers of 4 year old Hermann tortoises (they’re sisters…George became Georgina after her true sexual identity was discovered).  Thank goodness I named mine a female name, Daisy Elizabeth, or Daisy E for short and didn’t get it wrong.

This is the small torty I made for Cathy. Made from scraps of material discovered from the deep dark bowels of the craft room (a plastic carrier bag filled with a fabric stash, probably from the 80’s) during a clearout.   Particularly love the chocolate and blue floral patterned fabric that makes up the carapace or shell.

I suppose he could become a handy pin cushion since my friend has taken up x stitching again.

I look much forward to Cathy’s torty….. 🙂

This Doll Loves…

14 Oct
This Doll Loves... by Stephanie Faith

This Doll Loves... by Stephanie Faith

A fabric design I created this past week, This Doll Loves…

Clicking the picture link below will take you to SpoonFlower – – – a place for artists and stitchers to upload their own designs.

Galapagos Tortoise

7 Oct

Galapagos Tortoise, soft toy by Stephanie Faith
Finally after more than a week my hand stitched galapagos tortoise is finished. Torty slips easily out of shell thanks to handy velcro straps and elastic cord. Must get a naked photo done :p

Sewn with love – – – notice the gold pattern fat quarter and chocolate brown check fabric I recently bought? —> check out earlier post 😉