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This Little Dinosaur

13 Dec

is making his way to a certain little Canadian girl.  Flying across the pond to the Land of Ice and Snow.

Baby Triceratops is also available to order through the Sewing Toys shop.  This soft toy is created and made by me, using safe materials and a lovely soft faux pink ‘cow print’ fur. 

I hope my 5 year old niece loves him!

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Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

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18 Nov

Your Craft Requests – – –
Free Bi-monthly craft projects + ideas!

Well, I know that there are certainly a few people reading my blog now, and apart from wanting to hear from you – it’d be so nice if you took a moment to comment on a post you found interesting; or, told me about how it went for you with the  free-bie I gave you 🙂 – I thought it might be interesting to have a bi-monthly craft request.

This Request will commence during the first week of December – and then if that is a success: February; April; June – and so on.

The Request can either be:

  • a pattern / project for a soft toy
  • a x stitch chart; or
  • another kind of textile art idea (pattern / project / template etc.)

 Please send your request with CURVALICOUS REQUEST in the subject line of your email.

contact @

contact @

My email address is above (please remember to remove the spaces before and after @ – this is a spam reducing method). 

Please don’t forget to include your name (real or nickname); where you are (city,country); maybe, also: a photo of yourself and / or of a craft project you’ve made – and a little bit about you (your hobby, likes, current project, lifestyle, blog…anything you feel comfortable with).

Themes can be:

  • animals or pets (exotics welcomed!)
  • flowers or plants (nature related)
  • anything family friendly
  • to mark a special occassion (birthday, wedding, funeral etc.)

So, put your thinking caps on and send me your requests (one per person) – and during the first week in December I will announce what the craft project will be, together with who had the idea – and  I will try my best to make something nice for you 🙂

Kind regards – – –

Stephanie Faith

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

Bug Eyed for Banana Bread

14 Nov

What do you think of my latest beetle creation?

He has big bug eyes, delicate feelers (antenae!), golden, bendy pipe cleaner legs, a green felt body embellished with a heart and a sweet smile. Who couldn’t love him? 🙂

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

Halloween and The Little Log Cabin

16 Oct
Spooky + Christmas Gifts @ The Little Log Cabin!

Spooky + Christmas Gifts @ The Little Log Cabin!

If you go down into the woods today…

Open the creaky door of The Little Log Cabin and discover handmade gifts and an invasion of *zombies.  Just open the door…if you dare…

Charming: Zombie Charms ~ Coming Soon...

Charming: Zombie Charms ~ Coming Soon...

Did you realise that there are some great games available to play on your computer?  Dark Fall: Lost Souls created by indie game maker Jonathan Boakes, made me jump out of my skin a few times!  Age 16+


*Zombie keyrings / charms for mobile or cell phones + handbags ~ arriving in the next couple of days;                                                                                                       Thank  you tantrum_dan for use of your photo! 🙂

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010

Have YOU lost your teddy bear?

30 Jul

Somewhere, someone is really missing their much-loved “teddy bear”.

Is this your cat?

Is this your cat?

Thorpeness, Suffolk, England  After he was found sitting alone by himself at the end of the day – clearly having happily gorged on ice cream – the forgotten thread-bare cat toy was handed in by a customer to the cafe owner, Mrs Liz Everett.  In the effort to track down the bear’s owner – do you perhaps know the child? – she has set up a Facebook group.

This article in the Daily Mail made me smile, I thought how nice of that woman to try and find the child who had lost his bear.  I do hope Bear and Child are reunited soon.

Photographs + article: 

Do you recognise Meare Kat? If you have information that could help reunite him with his owner, contact the Daily Mail newsdesk on 020 7938 6000.

Bubbles The Frog, dog toy

24 Jul

Meet Bubbles – no, not that one from Trailer Park Boys!

 – Bubbles The Frog, a soft toy I made for my Jack Russell, Chester Pup. She loves carrying him about already. Jack Russells are such playful dogs.

Bubbles The Frog

Named Bubbles because 1) he has googly eyes just like the one from TPB, and, 2) the name is just too good not to use.

This toy frog is made from a recycled top, with polyester stuffing, felt for googly eyes, and a textile pen for defining the shape and mouth. This easy-to-make Bubbles The Frog soft toy pattern with simple to follow instructions can by purchased (to cover postage costs, including international) through my blog –

It seems WordPress doesn’t allow html coding and therefore I cannot place a BUY IT NOW button for my Paypal accounthowever you CAN still pay with this method by sending your Paypal payment to my Paypal email thelittlelogcabin @ 😉 – just remember to close the spaces before and after the @ . If I didn’t do this I would get even more spam, and who wants that?!

Payment is just £3 to cover postage and photocopying costs, for international too. For a currency converter just click HERE.

Make with all kinds of fabric (patterns are interesting) however felt is great for eyes. Don’t use buttons for children under 3 or for pets because of the possible choking hazard. Scale down for a cat size toy.

Chester Pup

£££ Save money and make your own! $$$

Pay safely via Paypal and receive a photocopy of the full sized pattern and easy-to-follow instructions. International orders welcome! 🙂



*~….. Dogs love teddy bears too! :p …..~*


A Tortoise for May

31 May

1 of 4.  Meet May, a soft toy tortoise made from vintage fabrics (thx Elaine!).  May is machine and hand stitched with new and vintage buttons, filled with safe polyester filling, perfumed with a few drops of essential lavender oil.  Her sisters will vary slightly (as you will later see).