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New fabric

4 May

I couldn’t resist this cotton fabric the other day: it was half price, printed with my fave colours green and red, with charming birds and flowers. 

So I came away with the last 2 metres and a sewing magazine featuring a free Capri Pants pattern.  I’ve been wanting to make Capri Pants for a while now so pounced on that magazine,  but I’m not too sure now…I am afraid of sizing up, getting it wrong and wasting this beautiful fabric!  Not sure whether to make something simpler – maybe that scallop-edged 1940’s inspired skirt from The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Needlecraft p. 62; but I would shorten it to above-the-knee. 

Capri Pants OR Scallop Skirt: Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Photos below of the Scallop Skirt – – – Enjoy :p

1940's Scallop Skirt

I’m going to put these photos – and the others of the Scallop Skirt – on my web site in the next few days so you can see them large 🙂

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Here are the large photos of the 1940’s Scallop Skirt page – – –







How to make Designer Gloves

23 Nov

Want to make an inexpensive but special gift for someone special this Christmas? Or would you like to have gloves that match your coat or other accessory? Then why not make these beautiful looking “designer” gloves? 😉

What you need – – –

Gloves. You don’t actually make the gloves themselves, instead you either recycle an old pair or buy plain ones…plain ones because you are about to decorate them.

Embellishments. Fabric such as felt. Seed beads (tiny beads). Thread to either contrast or blend. Needle & thread for a little handsewing and fixing on of beads; and of course scissors.

Instructions – – –

Using pinking shears I cut round a template I’d made from a face cream jar, twice (one flower per glove); then, using a green felt, roughly cut out 4 leaf shapes (two leaves per flower).

Attach the leaves to the flowers and then embellish the flower itself with embroidery thread and seed beads.

Decide where you want to attach the flowers to the gloves, using pins. With a few stitches secure the flowers onto the gloves.

Now you have a pair of designer gloves 🙂

I’d love to see the gloves you’ve made, I can add the photo/s and your blog link to this post.

– – – Have Fun! – – –

These I made for my mum.

Detail of flower.

Warm and stylish fingys 🙂

New Fat Quarters

6 Oct