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Nautical Bag

21 May

I made this medium sized shopping or beach bag for Mum. 

Nautical Applique Bag by Stephanie Faith 2010

Applique shapes I designed and cut from deep blue coloured felt (felt is great for applique as doesn’t fray, you don’t need to back or oversew the edges).  Starfish, anchor, 2 fishys…forms inspired by the deep sea.

I wanted to keep it simple:  the vertical dark blue striped fabric I found very fitting for a nautical theme; the thin gold – glittery – transparent material reminded me of sand; the simple yet bold shapes speak clearly of the sea.  Just added same blue colour sequins for fish scales and silver sequins for eyes – couldn’t not give Starfish eyes too.  Maybe I’ll add a handful of gold sequins for fish bubbles.  (T’is all too easy to over-embellish and therefore ruin).

Machine stitched bag together and stiffened the floppy top with iron on interfacing.  Also machine stitched the gold “sand” fabric, then hand-sewed the rest…running stitch inside the edge of the applique shapes and sewed on sequins.

I might include the template for the sea shapes later…do you like? 🙂

Owls are Pink

13 May

I keep seeing owls everywhere: soft toys, textile / paper prints, the internet…it seems everyone loves owls. 

Pink Felt Owl by Stephanie Faith, May 2010

I made this one in pink felt to make my mum smile.  I shall be including the pattern (owl soft toy template) in the next few days, so you can make him too 😉

I suggest using felt too as he stands – unaided – quite well with this thickish, stiffish fabric.  There is an extra “panel” in the base to enable standing.  I recycled old brown buttons for his eyes and used pink, gold and grey coloured embroidery threads to complement and contrast with the different coloured felts.

I’m thinking of making a complete owl family and a tree stump for them to sit on!

Don’t forget to check back soon for the template 🙂

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Here are the 2 links for the template.  Copy and save to your computer to print out.  Enjoy – – – it was a hoot! 😉



How to make Designer Gloves

23 Nov

Want to make an inexpensive but special gift for someone special this Christmas? Or would you like to have gloves that match your coat or other accessory? Then why not make these beautiful looking “designer” gloves? 😉

What you need – – –

Gloves. You don’t actually make the gloves themselves, instead you either recycle an old pair or buy plain ones…plain ones because you are about to decorate them.

Embellishments. Fabric such as felt. Seed beads (tiny beads). Thread to either contrast or blend. Needle & thread for a little handsewing and fixing on of beads; and of course scissors.

Instructions – – –

Using pinking shears I cut round a template I’d made from a face cream jar, twice (one flower per glove); then, using a green felt, roughly cut out 4 leaf shapes (two leaves per flower).

Attach the leaves to the flowers and then embellish the flower itself with embroidery thread and seed beads.

Decide where you want to attach the flowers to the gloves, using pins. With a few stitches secure the flowers onto the gloves.

Now you have a pair of designer gloves 🙂

I’d love to see the gloves you’ve made, I can add the photo/s and your blog link to this post.

– – – Have Fun! – – –

These I made for my mum.

Detail of flower.

Warm and stylish fingys 🙂