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Under The Gate

28 May

These beautiful lilac flowers grow on my garage.

I took these photos today when I came home…

                                                                                   then, under the gate…..


Then, under the gate someone squeaked at me.  Next, a black nose appeared and a reaching paw scrabbled underneath.  It’s so nice to be greeted when you come home 🙂

Copyright by Stephanie Faith 2010

New fabric

4 May

I couldn’t resist this cotton fabric the other day: it was half price, printed with my fave colours green and red, with charming birds and flowers. 

So I came away with the last 2 metres and a sewing magazine featuring a free Capri Pants pattern.  I’ve been wanting to make Capri Pants for a while now so pounced on that magazine,  but I’m not too sure now…I am afraid of sizing up, getting it wrong and wasting this beautiful fabric!  Not sure whether to make something simpler – maybe that scallop-edged 1940’s inspired skirt from The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Needlecraft p. 62; but I would shorten it to above-the-knee. 

Capri Pants OR Scallop Skirt: Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Photos below of the Scallop Skirt – – – Enjoy :p

1940's Scallop Skirt

I’m going to put these photos – and the others of the Scallop Skirt – on my web site in the next few days so you can see them large 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – –


– – – – – – – – – – – –

Here are the large photos of the 1940’s Scallop Skirt page – – –







Spring springing

25 Apr

April flowers I photographed from East Ruston Vicarage…

I love these pretty little purple balls.

White is so refreshing and these little beauties are pretty and dainty.

The ever cheerful daffodil. I can’t believe how many varieties there are.

I love these big petalled flowers, they remind me of roses. I forget the name of them.

Fashion and Flowers

16 Mar

blacktshirt_yell_pink_fl_2I love the fashion trends this summer ~ floral print skirts and flower accessories, including for the hair. And the colours are bright and clashing and great fun. So this is what the downturn in the economy has done: inspired happy fashion 🙂


Photos show: Black t shirt top from Marks & Spencers and flower and yellow bug decoration created by me.