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Nature Weaving Update

11 Oct

Here is the promised finished weaving I did on the subject of Nature, except I think it’s more English Country Garden…

Weaving: Nature / English Country Garden by Stephanie Faith 2010

Weaving: Nature / English Country Garden by Stephanie Faith 2010

Weaving: Nature / English Country Garden by Stephanie Faith 2010

Weaving: Nature / English Country Garden by Stephanie Faith 2010

Roses made with satin ribbons and real oak leaves, grass from thick embroidery threads,  purple papered leaves, ladybird buttons, plaited strands of wool and heather, button / bead accents…and a Georgian house from brown card.

I had looked so much forward to learning fashion + textiles but found that my ill health got in the way of actually attending the college full time.  Still I try to enjoy what I do have, to take each day as it comes: there is still a lot to be thankful for…even though living with constant pain is tiring, depressing and crippling in other not such obvious ways too.

Creating helps me to cope with chronic pain and I am lucky to be able to do this (draw, write, sew, design).  So, I’m putting my energy into making some textile things (charms, purses, toys, pictures etc) to sell through The Little Log Cabin shop.  Please email me for further details 🙂

thelittlelogcabin @ stephaniefaith .net

(not forgetting to close the spaces).

Copyright S tephanie F aith 2010

A Friend’s Birthday

11 May

Grrrrrrrrr!! Leopard off a packet of tea

A dear friend had a birthday coming up and I wanted to make her something, so when I saw this leopard printed on an empty packet of tea I was about to discard I knew I couldn’t throw him away, I had to use – upcycle! – him.

Things I made with the Leopard…

The first picture shows the felt pocket I made with the leopard card inserted within a felt frame.  The Leopard Pocket contains a handmade leopard birthday card (I forgot to photograph the card…it features a photocopy of the leopard, some embroided stitches, coloured paper, and lace); a felt leopard needlebook {second and third pictures} with an embroided leopard’s face (taken from the original, sketched in pencil freehand first before embroidering);

Embroided Leopard NeedleBook

a round felt pin cushion {second and fourth pictures}; turquoise beads and “sewing machine” stickers for greeting card making {fourth picture}.

NeedleBook and PinCushion

Dear Steff, thank you so much for my lovely birthday gifts.  The package arrived in good time and I saved opening it until the 5th.  All those lovely sewing bits and pieces, thank you again, you obviously have been busy with your nimble fingers.  The tiger-cat makes me want to go rrrrrrrooooooooRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH it is very inspiring.”    


Everything together!