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Nautical Bag

21 May

I made this medium sized shopping or beach bag for Mum. 

Nautical Applique Bag by Stephanie Faith 2010

Applique shapes I designed and cut from deep blue coloured felt (felt is great for applique as doesn’t fray, you don’t need to back or oversew the edges).  Starfish, anchor, 2 fishys…forms inspired by the deep sea.

I wanted to keep it simple:  the vertical dark blue striped fabric I found very fitting for a nautical theme; the thin gold – glittery – transparent material reminded me of sand; the simple yet bold shapes speak clearly of the sea.  Just added same blue colour sequins for fish scales and silver sequins for eyes – couldn’t not give Starfish eyes too.  Maybe I’ll add a handful of gold sequins for fish bubbles.  (T’is all too easy to over-embellish and therefore ruin).

Machine stitched bag together and stiffened the floppy top with iron on interfacing.  Also machine stitched the gold “sand” fabric, then hand-sewed the rest…running stitch inside the edge of the applique shapes and sewed on sequins.

I might include the template for the sea shapes later…do you like? 🙂

Sea Trio

23 Dec

Made these soft toys (or softies) this week…Octopuss with coloured ribbon tentacles, Seahorse and Starfish both with orange polka dot fabric. Each Sea Creature has embroided features, such as hearts and spots, and hand drawn faces. Filled with safe commercial toy stuffing.
Perfect for babies as there are no buttons.
For sale in The Little Log Cabin shop at Etsy.

To The Little Log Cabin shop.

Sea Creatures for sale

11 Dec

I bet you never knew that these creatures lived at the bottom of the sea…?

Sea Creatures @ The Little Log Cabin

Colourful and cheerful sea creature pendants or charms for sale at The Little Log Cabin.

For sale at The Little Log Cabin

Turtle, Starfish, Fish and Anemone.  Maritimer Charms to add cheerful colour to your life!

Hang them from your mobile phone or cell, handbag or purse; from a cord as a necklace; on a charm bracelet; or decorate your pincushion; or group on your windowsill or desk.

To the Bottom of The Sea…   😉