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Chester’s Poop Bags

4 Jun

Madame Chester had a personalised poop bag holder especially made for her.

Don't get caught short!

A Tortoise for May

31 May

1 of 4.  Meet May, a soft toy tortoise made from vintage fabrics (thx Elaine!).  May is machine and hand stitched with new and vintage buttons, filled with safe polyester filling, perfumed with a few drops of essential lavender oil.  Her sisters will vary slightly (as you will later see).


A Friend’s Birthday

11 May

Grrrrrrrrr!! Leopard off a packet of tea

A dear friend had a birthday coming up and I wanted to make her something, so when I saw this leopard printed on an empty packet of tea I was about to discard I knew I couldn’t throw him away, I had to use – upcycle! – him.

Things I made with the Leopard…

The first picture shows the felt pocket I made with the leopard card inserted within a felt frame.  The Leopard Pocket contains a handmade leopard birthday card (I forgot to photograph the card…it features a photocopy of the leopard, some embroided stitches, coloured paper, and lace); a felt leopard needlebook {second and third pictures} with an embroided leopard’s face (taken from the original, sketched in pencil freehand first before embroidering);

Embroided Leopard NeedleBook

a round felt pin cushion {second and fourth pictures}; turquoise beads and “sewing machine” stickers for greeting card making {fourth picture}.

NeedleBook and PinCushion

Dear Steff, thank you so much for my lovely birthday gifts.  The package arrived in good time and I saved opening it until the 5th.  All those lovely sewing bits and pieces, thank you again, you obviously have been busy with your nimble fingers.  The tiger-cat makes me want to go rrrrrrrooooooooRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH it is very inspiring.”    


Everything together!



Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse X stitch chart

25 Jan

Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse X stitch chart

Here’s the latest FREE x stitch chart 😉
Just click here or on the smaller picture to go to where it’s posted on my site, where you can then right click and save to your computer, ready for printing.

Again, as with the other x stitch charts I’ve produced, if you do stitch it up, I’d love to see a photo of it 🙂

Enjoy 😛

Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse x stitch chart

X stitch chart freebie for next week

21 Jan

Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse

I’m so good to you…there’s a another FREE x stitch chart being posted next week!! 😛

Soft Toys To Sew

19 Jan

Soft Toys To Sew – – – A Book Review

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This soft toy making book by Sheila McGraw arrived in next to no time, excellent delivery from this particular seller.  And this bumper softback book is a definite pleasure to look through, jam packed full of many toys – photos, step-by-step project instructions with illustrated pictures, and pattern templates that need enlarging on a photocopier. 

Projects include Easy Creatures; Kissy Fishy (big lips!); Party Animal; Caterpillar; Teddy; Monster; P.J.Birdy; Buzzard; Lazy Dog; Super Pig; Firefly; Crocodile.

There is useful advice on pattern layout; cutting; sewing; care – regarding working with all kinds of fabric: plush, stretch velour, stretch fleece and textured nylon.  How to make eyes, noses, and all about fillings.

Children of all ages need the comfort of an enduring and ever present love-object.  Psychologists and educators tell us that children need to nurture as well as to be nurtured.  Encouraging tenderness and affection in a child is now recognized as a prerequisite to bringing up healthy, independent, well-adjusted adults.  In other words, everyone needs to act out their tender side; everyone needs their hugs.  And everyone loves to hug a soft toy. – Sheila McGraw

Yep, “everyone loves to hug a soft toy”, even us adults 🙂

 You can check out other reviews on this book here.

Seahorses X stitch chart

17 Jan

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

UPDATED 6th November 2011

This X stitch chart has been re-uploaded and is again there for you to download to your computer.

Please note that either a) linking your site to this image, or, b) selling / uploading this image to another web site / passing this image off as your own … is illegal, it is theft – I am the sole owner and artist of this image.

These rules apply to any of my images / artwork / writing.

This X stitch chart is on two web sites – the CURVALICIOUS BLOG or at http://www.StephanieFaith.net

I believe in freeware or sharing; it is my pleasure to share my work with you. Please respect my copyright!

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I notice from looking at my stats that a lot of people are interested in x stitch designs – – – so this morning I designed SEAHORSES, a colourful stylised chart.  And, you can have it for free 😉

If you do stitch it up, I’d love to see a photo of it 🙂

Enjoy 😛

Seahorses x stitch chart by Stephanie Faith 2010
Seahorses x stitch chart by Stephanie Faith 2010

SEAHORSES free x stitch chart