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The Dunes and Beauty

18 Aug

I’d forgotten the beauty of the Dunes, the mauve / lilac colours of the heather, the golden yellow of the gorse bushes, the various greens and golds of the marram grasses, the moss, the oak leaves laden with new acorns, ferns and bramble with its berries turning to red; the deep blue of the sea peaking over the tops of the low cliffs.

Nature soothes and it has been a long time since I’ve actually tried a pleasurable walk.  My steps are slow and cautious, my body aching and stiff, worried of stumbling and the shooting siatica pain, though the “stick” helps and I am feeling so happy to be here again!  3 years of crippling chronic pain and I hadn’t dared to try walking in one of my favourite places till now.  I know I will pay for my pleasures tomorrow, the stiffness and pain levels heightened but the joy of actually coming here will be more than worth it.


As we make our way, ambling over the gentle undulating curves of the grassy-sandy-dunes, grasshoppers – moments before concealed in the undergrowth – spring high into the air.  At dawn and dusk rabbits are abound, shy small deer can be spotted too.  The large strong seagulls fly overhead, the tiny rare Terns nest on the beach, and the equally rare Natterjack Toads make their marshy home here too.  I’m always saddened to see when people have kicked and killed the harmless grass snakes falsely believing them to be poisonous adders.  The adders are only dangerous if provoked, they just want an easy life (basking in the sun) like the most of us.  In my childhood I’d spotted the occassional wild lizard and the seals playing in the sea, though I’ve never seen a live snake; and we foolishly handled the bright furry orange caterpillars because they were fluffy and interesting – later we’d come out in skin rashes, though they did clear!

I am inspired by the gentle colours and have been creating another homework piece for my fashion / textiles course with oak leaves from that day.

I'm loving my new green boots! 😀