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18 Nov

Your Craft Requests – – –
Free Bi-monthly craft projects + ideas!

Well, I know that there are certainly a few people reading my blog now, and apart from wanting to hear from you – it’d be so nice if you took a moment to comment on a post you found interesting; or, told me about how it went for you with the  free-bie I gave you 🙂 – I thought it might be interesting to have a bi-monthly craft request.

This Request will commence during the first week of December – and then if that is a success: February; April; June – and so on.

The Request can either be:

  • a pattern / project for a soft toy
  • a x stitch chart; or
  • another kind of textile art idea (pattern / project / template etc.)

 Please send your request with CURVALICOUS REQUEST in the subject line of your email.

contact @ stephaniefaith.net

contact @ stephaniefaith.net

My email address is above (please remember to remove the spaces before and after @ – this is a spam reducing method). 

Please don’t forget to include your name (real or nickname); where you are (city,country); maybe, also: a photo of yourself and / or of a craft project you’ve made – and a little bit about you (your hobby, likes, current project, lifestyle, blog…anything you feel comfortable with).

Themes can be:

  • animals or pets (exotics welcomed!)
  • flowers or plants (nature related)
  • anything family friendly
  • to mark a special occassion (birthday, wedding, funeral etc.)

So, put your thinking caps on and send me your requests (one per person) – and during the first week in December I will announce what the craft project will be, together with who had the idea – and  I will try my best to make something nice for you 🙂

Kind regards – – –

Stephanie Faith

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010


Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse X stitch chart

25 Jan

Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse X stitch chart

Here’s the latest FREE x stitch chart 😉
Just click here or on the smaller picture to go to where it’s posted on my site, where you can then right click and save to your computer, ready for printing.

Again, as with the other x stitch charts I’ve produced, if you do stitch it up, I’d love to see a photo of it 🙂

Enjoy 😛

Rachael Mermaid & Seahorse x stitch chart

Seahorses X stitch chart

17 Jan

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

UPDATED 6th November 2011

This X stitch chart has been re-uploaded and is again there for you to download to your computer.

Please note that either a) linking your site to this image, or, b) selling / uploading this image to another web site / passing this image off as your own … is illegal, it is theft – I am the sole owner and artist of this image.

These rules apply to any of my images / artwork / writing.

This X stitch chart is on two web sites – the CURVALICIOUS BLOG or at http://www.StephanieFaith.net

I believe in freeware or sharing; it is my pleasure to share my work with you. Please respect my copyright!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I notice from looking at my stats that a lot of people are interested in x stitch designs – – – so this morning I designed SEAHORSES, a colourful stylised chart.  And, you can have it for free 😉

If you do stitch it up, I’d love to see a photo of it 🙂

Enjoy 😛

Seahorses x stitch chart by Stephanie Faith 2010
Seahorses x stitch chart by Stephanie Faith 2010

SEAHORSES free x stitch chart

Free Baby Tortoise X Stitch Pattern

3 Jul

Free Baby Tortoise X Stitch Pattern for you!


Thank you very much for the free x stitch designing software!


Photo of chart to follow!  All stitched up 😛